TheLady Detalle

I've been sewing since I was three (no kidding, my mom's a professional quilter), so I have quilted and sewn all my life and I first got into historical events in 2003, attending a Regency ball in California. It wasn't until 2007, that I made my first few historical reproduction clothing items: two late 18th century petticoats for over pocket hoops for my mom and I to take part in a local east coast event!

The following spring I attempted my first full outfit with help, a late 18th century riding habit out of burgundy cotton velvet (based on the portrait of Lady Worsley and the Duchess film's interpretation of it, as well as my own): it turned out great and I haven't stopped since! (Well, a bit of a slow-down and semi-pause for awhile, while I knocked out my master's degree in business in less than 3 years and planned a wedding in 6 months while working full time, lol)...I love to hand sew, I have a vintage 1969 green Husquvarna Viking that I ADORE, and I love working with natural fiber fabrics: silk, cotton, linen, you are my friends!

I love many different eras in history, but 1800-1820 is my first love, followed by 1770's-1790's. I'm newly getting into all things Victorian. I am a former member of The Rappahannock Colonial Heritage Society, which does living history & dancing of around 1772, which is great fun, including dancing every year at Stratford Hall's Christmas Candlelight Tour, I host a Regency-costumed Pumpkin Tea every year, and I have taught classes at Dress U and Dress U the 2nd, a costume convention held in 2012 & 2013 near Philadelphia, PA. My two classes: 19th century Regency Dress Detailing and Creating an 18th century silk muff (taught twice)! In July 2016, I taught for the first time at Costume College, "Winter Wear - Hooded Cape Workshop," followed by 3 classes at Costume College 2017!

I also run two Etsy stores, LadyDetalle, where I focus on historic accessories from the 18th and 19th centuries, including: portrait muffs, reticules, hats, sashes, jewelry, tiaras, vintage sari's and dupattas, antiques and more. And my second Etsy business,, where I sell unique flavors of tea like Cream Earl Grey, Chocolate Vanilla Mint, and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

I sew and blog here whenever I can: I love the creative outlet of making things with fabric! I occasionally sew other time periods, mostly between 1750-1915...I have a wonderful and supportive husband, my own knight in shining armor, and thus have been delving a bit into historical men's clothing a bit. Overall I love fun costumed events, and taking a break from the very male-dominated business place where I am often in charge :). I constantly dream of things like dancing by candlelight, exploring England in Regency attire, riding sidesaddle in a period riding habit, and wearing Victorian to the opera!