Currently sewing

Currently sewing: 
-Black & white plaid silk Edwardian skirt - pleating to waistband, then hem & done
-Edwardian blouse - if there's time, otherwise, back-up plan
-New Regency day dress for Pumpkin Tea SEP-OCT -  fabric on hand, up next
-Regency sari dress for evening Pumpkin Tea SEP-OCT - sari on hand

Almost done or more trim: 
-Mustard and black Regency bee circular reticule - 98% complete, needs trim & ties
-More pleats for white summer bustle for back apron - cut and ready to iron/starch pleats 75% done
-more DoW skirt trim

Next up:
-DF project
-Grape reticule
-New housewife

When time:
-Victorian bustle dust ruffle
-Daytime inset for Teal bustle
-Regency square hat - pattern cut and ready to begin
-DoW hat and reticule
-Detachable dust ruffle for ice blue under petticoat
-Daytime inset for Teal bustle
-1870's ice blue silk under petticoat - zigzag inside seams
-Sea blue green Chemise - was for my birthday tea but life got in the way

Completed in 2018:
-Reproduction historic jewelry for LadyDetalle on Etsy including "Josephine" black BEE statement necklace and "Empress" Garnets, Grapes & Gold statement necklace for "Royal You"

-Gala gown - vintage embroidered net over mustard silk taffeta Regency gown
-Class prep for "Gold in Detail" - basic goldwork embroidery workshop class taught at CoCo 2018
-1870's 18thc "Victorian women" Dress of Wrong (DoW) bustle
-Mustard silk sash and royal orders
-Regency apron front in mustard dotted swiss cotton with design stripe - 100% hand-sewn, complete
-Goldwork sampler on silk taffeta - photo of in progress, will update to completed version soon
-"Butt fluffer"- pleated ruffle lower skirt support for early 1870's bustle
-1870's 18thc "Victorian women" Dress of Wrong trained bustle skirt
-Regency bee triangle sleeveless spencer
-1872 white cotton pleated Summer Bustle
-CoCo "Royal" jewelry - here's a preview
-late 18th century jacket - light aqua blue green - finished for CW's Palace Garden Party (needs bodice fixes and trim)
-1870's under petticoat - done
-Mid-late 1880's Teal blue silk BUSTLE from Two Sari's

Etsy shop sewing and sew off and on:
-Historic jewelry making
-Embroidery samplers from RSN in Williamsburg classes
-Portrait Muffs for Etsy shop
-Muff Insides for Etsy shop - prepped and ready for down
-Work bags/reticules - few half done

PLANNED for 2018:
-Finish teal blue silk 1880's bustle (bustle from two sari's) - JAN, COMPLETE
-Tiffany blue fur trimmed late 18th century pelisse - JAN (nope) - started drafting, on HOLD
-2018 CoCo DoW outfit - FEB (started in JAN), COMPLETE
-Regency bee spencer and square bonnet - FEB/MAR - spencer COMPLETE
-2018 CoCo Gala outfit - APR-JUL - COMPLETE
-New regency apron/bib front gown - MAY, B&T workshop gown/handsewn, COMPLETE
-White cotton summer Victorian bustle - MAY-JUN - MAY/JUNE, COMPLETE
-New chemise dress - JUL-AUG - TBD - life got in the way, on HOLD
-New Regency for Pumpkin Tea SEP-OCT -  fabric on hand, up next
-Regency sari dress for evening Pumpkin Tea SEP-OCT - sari on hand
-New Titanic/Downton Abbey gown and outfits OCT-NOV - Sewing now, skirt almost complete
-Fun sewing and UFO's - DEC
-Etsy shop creative sewing: muffs, muff pillows, reticules & more, plus creating jewelry - 2018

If there's time in 2018: (hah!)
-Natural form bustle foundation
-1830's corset & foundation
-late Victorian outerwear
-start my quilted petticoat project
-18th century jacket/dress with a hood
-Pumpkin Tea shoes - bees or fleur-de-lis
-Regency Pumpkin Tea flag - inspired by Kat's Victorian Party flag

UFO's for 2018 and beyond:
-Fixes on my black and white 1770's jacket
-Late 18th century gentleman's silk jacket - brown and burgundy - cutting in progress
-Edwardian black and white plaid skirt - on hold, cut out and partially sewn
-Napoleonic Bee/Fleur-de-Lis Regency shoes - started, on hold
-first 1880's Victorian corset - 75% complete, on hold
-Victorian chemise and drawers - partially sewn
-Cream silk with red embroidered flowers jewelry pouch
-Aqua silk taffeta sash - UFO COMPLETE, wore with my Chemise a la Reina
-Finish trim and fixes on pink striped silk late 18th century jacket
-Finish striped pink silk petticoat
-Black & white plaid silk Edwardian skirt - UFO in progress, almost complete
-Robe a la Francaise brown & pink striped silk satin
-Early 19th century men's jacket for HB
-Late 18th century men's jacket for HB
-Late 18th century hat - covered and ready for trim!
-Fun reticule - second muslin in progress
-Pompadours - fabric dye, rusty red and paint heels rust color  - not started
-Yellow & black Napoleonic bee muff and sash
-Early 19th century (Regency) pink cotton velvet spencer - collar, fastens and finishing only
-Regency Pumpkin Tea shoes - Phase II (petersham ribbon trim) finishing

2018 Sewing Plans and Goals

Completed in 2017:
-1880's teal blue silk bustle skirt
-1880's teal blue silk bustle apron/overskirt
-added a layer of ruffles to cream silk bustle under petticoat
-black bee work bag
-Cream and gold printed silk late 18th century petticoat
-1898 evening court ensemble
-Set of silk royal court sashes
-Tack gold embroideries on hb's military jacket
-1880's blue plaid silk bustle over-skirt/apron
-1880's blue plaid silk bustle dress/bodice
-1880's blue plaid silk bustle skirt
-blue plaid silk sash
-1880's silk bustle petticoat/skirt - cream silk with ruffles
-1880's foundation bustle in white linen
-1880's Victorian corset in blue embroidered linen
-Coral silk taffeta reticule - commission
-Aqua silk taffeta circular reticule with Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (CoCo UFO)
-Mint green bee small work bag
Costume College prep work for teaching 3 classes:
-Portrait muff class - kits prep, down muff insides
-Housewife sewing kit class - kits prep
-Regency detailing/reverse applique class - kits prep
-In progress: reverse applique sample and housewife sample
-Fixes on my Orange Silk sari Regency gown
-1780's striped pink silk jacket for Francaise Dinner - round one complete
Here's my 2017 Sewing Plans and Goals!

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