Currently sewing

Currently sewing: 
-Sewing bustle underthings while teaching a friend to sew bustle underthings ;)

-Reticules/bags for use - in progress
-organize, de-stash and purge - continued de-stash!
-historic jewelry designs / creation - I'm working on the winter/spring releases and the next ROYAL YOU release

Also this year is the Great Purge and De-stash of 2019! ;)
The YEAR of the Stash! Next year will be year of the stash also!

Next up:
-Victorian Bathing suit - cut out pattern, that's as far as I got - life, yo
-Bustle outerwear or accessories for winter bustle
OR work on my long-planned 18thc pelisse
I also want to now make an evening bodice out of the burgundy/black shot silk
Or just make a whole bustle dress, lol - I have a few planned for this year

Finished in 2019:
-Georgian men's jacket in brown silk - done, will add more trim/buttons in future
-Ridiculous amounts of historic jewelry making - already, lol
-1880's burgundy and black shot silk bustle bodice
-1880's burgundy and black shot silk bustle skirt
-1880's burgundy and black shot silk bustle overskirt

PLANNED for 2019:
-Winter Tea bustle - burgundy black shot silk 1880's bustle - JAN - COMPLETE
-Bustle outerwear or accessories for winter bustle - JAN/FEB - Nope
-Tiffany blue fur trimmed late 18th century pelisse - MAR-APR - Not yet
-Georgian gentleman's jacket - MAR-APR (FEB-APR so far) - COMPLETE
-Regency corset - MAY-JUL - Decided to hire this out ;)
-Secret Bustle Dress project #1 - JUN-AUG - Nope, work/life got in the way
-Natural form foundations - AUG
-Regency mourning - SEPT
-Autumn bustle - SEPT/OCT
-Regency gentleman's jacket - NOV
-Fun sewing and UFO's - DEC
-2019 De-stash, organize and purge - JAN-DEC
-LadyDetalle Etsy shop jewelry design & creation - JAN-DEC

-DF Project - TBD
-Victorian dust ruffle - TBD
-Add hem facing to black & white plaid silk Edwardian skirt - TBD
-Add hem facing to 1898 foundation pink plaid cotton skirt - TBD
-Make more muff inserts - TBD
-Make more housewife kits - MAR/APR - COMPLETE
-Accessories: reticules and housewives

If there's time:
-Daytime inset for Teal bustle
-1880's Teal plaid evening bustle bodice
-Embroidery samplers from RSN in Williamsburg classes
-Secret Bustle Dress project #2
-Regency Pumpkin Tea flag - inspired by Kat's Victorian Party flag
-Black silk mourning bustle
-New aqua chemise dress
-1830's corset & foundation
-start my quilted petticoat project
-18th century jacket/dress with a hood
-Regency white cotton drawstring gown
-Regency silk over-robe gown

UFO's to finish (if time):
-Add more trim and buttons to men's Georgian brown silk coat
-Mustard and black Regency bee circular reticule - 98% complete, needs trim & ties
-More pleats for white summer bustle for back apron - cut and ready to iron/starch pleats 75% done
-Regency silk bees square hat - pattern cut and ready to begin
-Portrait muffs, housewife kits and reticules for Etsy shop
-Pumpkin Tea shoes - bees or fleur-de-lis
-Late 18th century gentleman's silk jacket - brown and burgundy - cutting in progress
-first 1880's Victorian corset - 75% complete, on hold
-Victorian chemise and drawers - partially sewn
-And a whole host of others I'll add if I get to them ;)

2019 Sewing Plans

Sewing Plans for 2020:
-Titanic teens dress

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