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2018 Year in Review - TheLady Detalle

2018 Sewing YEAR in REVIEW:
I had some really productive sewing in 2018, including the CoCo sewing below!
Costume College Outfits from 2018 (Photos by InTheLongRun)
In 2018 I made three bustles, one 1880's bustle and two early 1870's bustles, a Regency day gown, a sleeveless spenser, two Regency evening gowns, an Edwardian skirt, a late 18th century jacket, foundations of a Victorian bustle under petticoat and a bustle lower skirt support, plus accessories and a TON of historic jewelry - a very productive 2018! That said, the majority of the sewing happened January to July, and very little sewing happened August to December, life, eh. Pictures and more details below!

My SEWING for 2018 included: 

1880's Teal bustle from two silk sari's
Teal 1880's bustle from two silk sari's
(Photo by InTheLongRun)
1872 Pleated white dotted swiss cotton summer bustle
White dotted swiss cotton early 1870's
trained bustle (Photo by InTheLongRun)
Early 1870's 18th century "Victorian women" cotton & silk "Dress of Wrong" trained bustle
Early 1870's trained cotton & silk bustle
"Dress of Wrong" (photo by InTheLongRun)
Early Regency hand-sewn mustard design stripe cotton apron-front with silk bee triangle sleeveless spenser
Early Regency mustard design stripe cotton
with Silk BEE triangle sleeveless spenser
(photo by InTheLongRun)
Regency 1807 court gown of vintage embroidered net over mustard silk taffeta (re-wear of silk BEE court over-robe)
1807 Regency Court Gown Ensemble - BEES
(Photo by InTheLongRun)
Regency aqua silk sari evening gown
Regency aqua silk sari evening gown
(photo by A Frivolous Distinction)
late 18th century jacket - light aqua
Light aqua late 18th century jacket
(photo by InTheLongRun)
Black & white plaid silk Edwardian trained skirt (UFO)
Black & white plaid silk Edwardian trained skirt
1870's under petticoat in ice blue silk
Early 1870's ice blue silk under petticoat 
"Butt fluffer" pleated ruffle lower skirt support for early 1870's
Cream silk bustle lower skirt support
Mustard silk sash and royal orders
One of my "royal orders" - the order
of the Grape Bee Fleur-de-Lis
Aqua silk taffeta sash 
Pink silk taffeta reticule

Goldwork sampler on silk taffeta
Goldwork sampler by LadyDetalle
Class prep for "Gold in Detail" class at CoCo 2018
"Gold in Detail" goldwork class
prep for CoCo 2018
LadyDetalle jewelry:
-"JOSEPHINE" BEE Mourning necklace & earrings
"Josephine" BEE by LadyDetalle
-"EMPRESS" Garnet Grapes and Gold necklace & earrings
"Empress" Garnet Grapes & Gold
by LadyDetalle
-All my Costume College jewelry
-Tons of new jewelry design & creation for the shop!

Below were my original plans for 2018 sewing. I did pretty well on my main list and knocked out a UFO or two, added a few extras, and designed and created a lot of historical jewelry for LadyDetalle.

PLANNED for 2018:
-Finish teal blue silk 1880's bustle (bustle from two sari's) - JAN, COMPLETE
-Tiffany blue fur trimmed late 18th century pelisse - JAN (nope) - started drafting, on HOLD
-2018 CoCo DoW outfit - FEB (started in JAN), COMPLETE
-Regency bee spencer and square bonnet - FEB/MAR - spencer COMPLETE
-2018 CoCo Gala outfit - APR-JUL - COMPLETE
-New regency apron/bib front gown - MAY, B&T workshop gown/handsewn, COMPLETE
-White cotton summer Victorian bustle - MAY-JUN - MAY/JUNE, COMPLETE
-New aqua chemise dress - JUL-AUG - TBD - life got in the way, on HOLD
-Regency for Pumpkin Tea SEP-OCT -  Partially complete then stopped
-Regency sari dress for evening Pumpkin Tea SEP-OCT - COMPLETE
-New Titanic/Downton Abbey gown and outfits OCT-NOV - UFO Skirt COMPLETE
-Fun sewing and UFO's - DEC - nope
-Etsy shop creative sewing: muffs, muff pillows, reticules & more, plus creating jewelry - 2018 - jewelry yes, and started some new accessories but not much else

If there's time in 2018: (hah!) - Nope!
-Natural form bustle foundation
-1830's corset & foundation
-late Victorian outerwear
-start my quilted petticoat project
-18th century jacket/dress with a hood
-Pumpkin Tea shoes - bees or fleur-de-lis
-Regency Pumpkin Tea flag - inspired by Kat's Victorian Party flag

UFO's for 2018 and beyond:
-Fixes on my black and white 1770's jacket - COMPLETE
-Late 18th century gentleman's silk jacket - brown and burgundy - cutting in progress
-Napoleonic Bee/Fleur-de-Lis Regency shoes - started, on hold
-first 1880's Victorian corset - 75% complete, on hold
-Victorian chemise and drawers - partially sewn
-Cream silk with red embroidered flowers jewelry pouch - in progress
-Finish trim and fixes on pink striped silk late 18th century jacket
-Finish striped pink silk petticoat
-Robe a la Francaise brown & pink striped silk satin
-Early 19th century men's jacket for HB
-Late 18th century men's jacket for HB
-Late 18th century hat - covered and ready for trim! COMPLETE
-Fun reticule - second muslin in progress
-Pompadours - fabric dye, rusty red and paint heels rust color  - not started
-Yellow & black Napoleonic bee muff and sash
-Early 19th century (Regency) pink cotton velvet spencer - collar, fastens and finishing only
-Regency Pumpkin Tea shoes - Phase II (petersham ribbon trim) finishing

2018 Sewing Plans and Goals

And that's it, 2018 sewing, thanks for reading :).

Next up, 2019 Sewing Plans!

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