Saturday, August 20, 2016

18th Century seafoam blue wool hooded cape - June (Posting LATE) HSM Travel Challenge

For June's HSM challenge of TRAVEL, I made a late 18th century seafoam blue wool hooded cape! I was on a mission to get a wool cape done for another example for my Costume College class, so I made this hooded cape in June!  (Posted late).
Seafoam blue hooded cape by TheLadyDetalle

Back of wool hooded cape
Front of wool hooded cape

Historical Sew Monthly JUNE challenge:

The Challenge: Travel - make a garment for travelling, or inspired by travel.

Material: Seafoam blue fine wool from 96th District Fabrics and linen from for lining

Pattern: My new TheLadyDetalle Hooded Cape Pattern now available on Etsy!

Year: late 18th century

Notions: N/A

How historically accurate is it? Very! All hand sewn except the staystitch I did inside to hold the fashion and lining together until I hand sewed it together using the bias binding. The material is what they would have had at the time, wool and linen. The colors are period appropriate, and the shape is period appropriate, based on garments like these.

Hours to complete: An hour to cut out and staystitch, an hour to make bias binding and pin on. A few hours to sew binding on, pleat to fit neckline and hood, and finishing work. Probably 5-6 total. I have made a few of these now, so I'm getting a little faster.

First worn: Not yet worn: made as an example for my Costume College limited class, "Winter Wear - Hooded Cape Workshop" taught a few weeks ago!

Total cost: The fine seafoam blue wool was bought at Fort Fred Market Fair earlier this year: $9 a yard. (Used about 3+ yards). Linen lining was about $8-9 a yard, and used about 3 yards). So roughly $50. And I have some big leftover fabric pieces to use to make accessories and other things!

TheLadyDetalle Hooded Cape Pattern

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