Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cream quilted silk petticoat - Late February 'Tucks & Pleating' challenge

Here's the finished challenge, a cream quilted silk petticoat lined in cream silk dupioni, pictured here with my pink 18th century statys (posted quite late, but finished in March):
Cream quilted silk petticoat
Historical Sew Monthly FEBRUARY challenge:

The Challenge: Tucks & Pleating - make a garment that features tucks and pleating for the shape or decoration

Material: cream quilted silk and cream silk dupioni for lining

Pattern: JP Ryan petticoat instructions from memory, so half made up ;)

Year: late 18th century

Notions: Silk satin ribbon for ties

How historically accurate is it? Pretty close. The side seams and insides were done by machine as was the quilted silk. The hem waistband, ties, pocket openings and anything visible were hand sewn.

Hours to complete: Probably about 5-6 hours

First worn: Not yet worn: made for CoCo 2016.

Total cost: Both from stash. Quilted silk was bought with a 50% coupon at G Street Fabrics last year, and the cream silk dupioni was bought on online sale.