Saturday, March 4, 2017

...So...I'm teaching THREE classes at Costume College!!!! What did I get myself into?!

LOL, I proposed 3 classes for Costume College 2017 and said I'd teach 2, which I thought would be a lot over the long weekend and then they asked me to teach all 3 and I said YES. One on Friday and two on Sunday! I'm excited, but it means less time to take classes or hang out during CoCo, plus lots of prep work ahead and a lot less CoCo sewing time, and being super exhausted on Sunday. Super excited though!

Here's my 3 classes I'm teaching!

1) Winter Wear - Muff Workshop

Want to be warm at your next historical event? Come work on a versatile muff, a hand warmer, popular throughout much of history! We'll make a fashionable 18th to 19th century silk portrait muff, to slip over provided muff insides made of 100% white goose down (or down alternative if requested), trimmed in silk ribbon with silk ties. A brief overview of muff history and extant examples discussed. Students may complete their muff in class or outside of class, depending on how quickly you sew!

Friday: 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
2.5hrs -- Limited -- Workshop
Level: All
Fee (if applicable): 40
Teacher Provides: Handouts, muff pattern instructions, silk taffeta for the muff, silk ribbon for trim, silk ribbon for ties, muff insides containing 100% white goose down (or down alternative if requested), thread, fabric portrait

Student Provides: Basic sewing kit: scissors, pins, hand sewing needles or sewing machine, measuring tape

2) Regency Detailing: Learn Reverse Applique

Reproducing fashion plates is all about the details. Come learn reverse applique, a technique of taking two fabrics, one on top of the other, cutting back the top into a desired shape and sewing it down, to reveal the bottom fabric. This skill can take your dress to the next level: the added detail in your gown or outfit will change the finished look of your gown! The focus of this skills class will be on reverse applique, and how it can be applied to your early 19th century Regency wardrobe, but the skill can be applied to many eras!

Sunday: 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
1.5hrs -- Limited -- Workshop
Level: Intermediate
Fee (if applicable): 10
Teacher Provides: Instructions handout. Kit prepared ahead for students to practice reverse applique with, including two pieces of fabric, thread, needle.

Student Provides: Basic sewing supplies: pins, hand sewing needle, thimble, scissors.

3) Sewing Kit or "Housewife" Workshop

In the 18th and through the 19th centuries, a sewing kit known as a ‘housewife’, was used to store       and carry around sewing supplies of the day, including scissors, thread, needles, and also jewelry         and money. Come join us to make your very own fashionable 18th or 19th century 'housewife'         
sewing kit, and see how small scraps of beautiful fabric can be turned into useful things! These housewives can be used not only as a small sewing kit, but can be tweaked to take jewelry with you   on the go!

Sunday: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
2hrs -- Limited -- Workshop
Level: Intermediate
Fee (if applicable): 30
Teacher Provides: Handouts, housewife pattern, housewife kit to include two pieces of fabric for the outside and inside (designer fabrics, silks, etc.), silk ribbon for the outside ties, binding to finish the edges, small pieces of fabric for pin holder, needle holder, thread holder, scissors holder, and matching thread..

Student Provides: Basic sewing supplies: scissors, pins, hand sewing needles (highly recommend hand sewing rather than machine for this project), thimble, measuring tape.

Should be lots of fun! I taught a non-portrait muff class at Dress U and Dress U the 2nd, as well as a similar Regency Detailing class. The muff class is for a portrait muff and the Regency detailing class is re-vamped, and Housewife/Huswif class is brand new!

Whoohoo! ;)