Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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 Hey everyone,

I'm still sewing (sometimes) but I'm focused a lot lately on making historic jewelry reproductions, yay!

I am passionate about creating and sharing historic DETAIL: Detalle (pronounced "deh-tall") means "detail," and I love reproducing historic details! A one-woman small business, LadyDetalle lovingly creates historically appropriate jewelry & accessories, inspired by some of my favorite things: Grapes, Bees, Pearls, Silk, & more!

A long-time lover of history and dressing up (I'm a historic costumer and sometimes living history re-enactor), with a love of sewing and passion for creativity from childhood. I love to combine creativity & business, and being an entrepreneur runs in the family! I love history, and my focus periods of history are 1750-1915, with a special love for Regency, Georgian, Victorian & Edwardian! I have been a historic costumer for over 15 years, including living history and demo dancing, have only ever entered one con competition: multiple award-winning for "Madame Guillotine" in 2009, and have taught classes at Dress U (2012), Dress U the 2nd (2013), and Costume College 2016, 2017 & 2018. I collect antiques and am fascinated by how we lived in the past. My current obsessions are studying portraits, fashion plates and extant jewelry, and designing unique jewelry that either reproduces what they had in the period, or fits right in due to design, material and aesthetic: I study the DETAILS daily, so that you don't have to!!

Lady Detalle is a one-woman small business based in Virginia, focused on supporting small business, and on earth friendly and sustainability practices. First, Lady Detalle is a women-owned small business and is built on a business model that supports a significant number of small businesses, many of them women owned and/or family owned, both in the U.S. and overseas. Second, All designs are produced with natural materials whenever possible, that will eventually break down in the environment. Materials include semi precious stones, real pearls, vintage glass, crystals and metals. Any faux materials such as my faux pearls, faux carnelian or resin cameos that are lightweight and recycled, use vintage NOS (new old stock) plastics in jewelry supplies that were created 3-5 decades ago and just sitting in warehouses, in order to not add new plastics to the environment. Materials and supplies that do not meet brand standards go to other crafters/jewelers who can get use from them. My pearls come from a multi-generational family pearl farm overseas. Earth friendly SECONDS or imperfects are sold in the shop, in order to pass on savings to my customers and promote earth friendly practices. All incoming and outgoing packaging is recycled or reused whenever possible, with a balance of product protection during shipping and using recyclable materials. I'm constantly on the search for better, more earth friendly packaging materials that are still affordable and aim to replace all packaging materials with a zero plastic model as soon as feasible. All scrap metals are saved and sorted, and will be recycled once a resource for this is found. My focus is always on a developed full cycle business model, that minimizes waste and promotes recycling and reuse of materials, with my aim to get my small business to a zero waste model in future.

Please be sure to check out my Lady Detalle branded historic jewelry collections:

-The GRAPE Collection: grape designs centered on Victorian & Georgian eras

-ROYAL YOU: historic jewelry designs for costuming royalty, nobility, & fancy dress

-Royal BEE Collection: jewelry designs inspired by my love of Napoleonic bees

-Signature Collection: jewelry, accessories & supplies in my favorite colors and styles

I'm also designing historic jewelry for Mourning, Georgian & earlier, Regency & 1790's, Victorian & Edwardian and more!

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