Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Historical Sew Monthly 2015 - The Plan

I simply love the Historical Sew Monthly 2015! What a great challenge by The Dreamstress.  This year I plan on joining in for the first time ever (the last three years I was working full time, in night school for my graduate degree & planning a wedding), so I FINALLY have the time, I think! My life is still a busy, crazy thing at times, but I want to try to join in these challenges these year, with the first three months up first, so without further ado, here is my plan!

  • January - Foundations: make something that is the foundation of a period outfit.
Well, the January challenge sounds like time to finally get my (long planned) Victorian stays in gear & done, BUT, I have limited sewing time, and I just launched a brand new Etsy shop, TheLadyDetalle, featuring 18th century reproduction muffs and other fun things, so with a good bit of my time dedicated to this launch, I'm going to focus on another interpretation of this challenge, I often feel that accessories really make an outfit, so I'm thinking a fabulous accessory that just is the whole reason behind making an outfit to go with it would be grand...the details of this are still in the works, so more on this soon!
  • February - Colour Challenge Blue: make an item that features blue, in any shade from azure to zaffre. 
Hooray for blue challenge, that will be FUN! I love making things in blue, so I'll have to dig through the stash for some blue fabric and go from there :). I'm thinking probably a late 18th century or early 19th century waistcoat or jacket for my husband would be just the thing! 
  • March - Stashbusting: make something using only fabric, patterns, trims & notions that you already have in the stash. 
The third challenge I actually find pretty exciting, because it is a chance to focus on making something specifically that is from my stash, and I have some good fabric on hand & planned for some historical outfits, so I think I'm really going to have fun on this one. I have a few things swirling around in my head, including a new Regency ballgown for the JAF in England later this year, a new Regency spencer (short jacket) or perhaps I'll finally make my Francaise, which I have the perfect fabric & trim for, and just need the time!

Wish me luck! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Welcome - theladydetalle!

Hey everyone, I wanted to start off this blog by sharing just a little bit about myself!

TheLadyDetalle BIO:
I've been sewing since I was three (no kidding, my mom's a professional quilter), so I have quilted and sewn all my life and I first got into historical events in 2003, attending a Regency ball in California. It wasn't until 2007, that I made my first few historical reproduction clothing items: two late 18th century petticoats for over pocket hoops for my mom and I to take part in a local east coast event!

The following spring I attempted my first full outfit with help, a late 18th century riding habit out of burgundy cotton velvet (based on the portrait of Lady Worsley and the Duchess film's interpretation of it, as well as my own): it turned out great and I haven't stopped since! (Well, a bit of a slow-down and semi-pause for awhile, while I knocked out my master's degree in business in less than 3 years and planned a wedding in 6 months while working full time)...I love to hand sew, I have a vintage 1969 green Husquvarna Viking that I ADORE, and I love working with natural fiber fabrics: silk, cotton, linen, you are my friends!

I love many different eras in history, but 1800-1820 is my first love, followed by 1770's-1790's.  I am a member of The Rappahannock Colonial Heritage Society, which does living history & dancing of around 1772, which is great fun, including dancing every year at Stratford Hall's Christmas Candlelight Tour, I host a Regency-costumed Pumpkin Tea every year, and I have taught classes at Dress U and Dress U the 2nd, a costume convention held in 2011 & 2012 near Philadelphia, PA. My two classes: 19th century Regency Dress Detailing and Creating an 18th century silk muff (taught twice)!

I recently launched an Etsy store, TheLadyDetalle, where I am selling reproduction late 18th century colonial muffs (hand warmers) made of luxurious 100% white goose down (and other alternatives) and other historical items, and I have a small online tea business, www.regencytea.com, where I sell unique flavors of tea like Cream Earl Grey, Chocolate Vanilla Mint, and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

I also sew other time periods since, mostly focused on the 1770's-1910's...I have a wonderful and supportive husband, my own knight in shining armor, and thus have been delving a bit into historical men's clothing lately. Overall I love fun costumed events, and taking a break from the very male-dominated business place where I am often in charge :). I constantly dream of things like dancing by candlelight, exploring England in Regency attire, riding sidesaddle in a period riding habit, and wearing Victorian to the opera!