Costume Portfolio

My current costume portfolio - will continue updating as time goes on!

Late 18th century:
-Late 18th century jacket - light aqua blue green silk
-Colonial Riding Habit & tricorn - 1770's also here
-1770's Pink linen gown also another here
-late 18th century blood red silk court gown ("Madame Guillotine") - CC29
-White & blue striped cotton summer English gown - 1770's (dress courtesy Mom), also here
-Red & white striped silk English gown - Robe a la Anglaise 1770's, also here
-Cherry & Cream silk hand sewn jacket & petticoat 1770's
-Black & white 1770's ensemble, jacket and sash
-Chemise a la Reine (light baby pink) 1780's

Early Regency Bee silk triangle
sleeveless spencer & mustard
cotton apron front gown
Transitional (late 1790's)
-late 1790's Open Robe Gown
-transition/early Regency BEE silk sleeveless spencer
-early Regency mustard cotton design/stripe apron front gown - handsewn

'Bees, bees, bees' Napoleonic
era court ensemble
Early 19th century:
-Regency "Bees, bees, bees" Napoleonic Court Gown & Open Robe
-Regency gold embroidered net mustard silk evening gown
-Early Regency mustard design striped cotton apron-front day gown - 100% handsewn
-Aqua blue silk sari Regency evening gown
-Orange Silk sari Regency gown
-Yellow & black triangles Regency cross over gown
-White embroidered Regency cross over gown
-Striped cotton braided drawstring dress
-early 19th century blue velvet spencer & top hat
& white silk cotton riding habit
-Regency pouf ball gown with stripe detailing, poufs and braiding
-Regency brown cotton drawstring dress
-Regency orange & metallic thread cotton drawstring dress
-Regency 'strawberry picking' dress
-Regency brown velvet spencer
-Regency P&P orange brown spencer
-Regency burgundy & mustard silk BEE sleeveless spencer

Mid 19th century:
-1840's Poe gown (courtesy Mom)

Late 19th century:
-1872 white cotton Summer Bustle
-mid-late 1880's Teal Blue Silk evening BUSTLE from two Sari's
-late 1880's blue green plaid silk bustle gown
-late 1880's autumn plaid day bustle
-1880's burgundy black shot silk day bustle
-1880's plaid satin silk day bustle gown
-1898 evening/court gown in dark burnt 'brick' red orange w/ royal orders

Early 20th century:
-Black and white plaid silk Edwardian skirt
-White lace Gibson Girl blouse
-1912 Teens day outfit
-19 Teens Titanic evening gown

Capes, Pelerines, Cloaks, Outerwear:
-Late 18th century Pink silk & white marabou feather hooded cape & muff
-Late 18th century Black silk marabou feather hooded cape
-Late 18th century Black silk mourning cape
-Early 19th century Regency cream silk & white marabou feather pelerine
-Early 19th century Regency 'fichu' in Rusty red burgundy silk & black marabou
-Early 19th century Regency 'fichu' in Yellow silk w/ black trim
-Early 19th century Regency light tan lined in rose pink pelisse [made by myself & my mother]
-Late 18th century brown cotton velvet cloak [made by my mother]
Napoleonic Bee silk brocade muff

-Burgundy red Bee Lady Worsley silk muff
-Napoloenic Bee burgundy silk brocade embroidered with gold bees muff
-Black silk mourning muff
-Cream Napoleonic bee muff
-Original brown silk taffeta muff
-Pink silk & white marabou feather muff
-Empire burgundy quilted silk muff
-and many, many more

-Late 18th century straw hat
-Late 18th century pink frouffy hat
-Late 18th century chemise big hat
-Late 18th century silk 'baby' tricorn
-Early 19th century summer straw bonnet
-Early 19th century blue velvet riding top hat
-1840's black mourning bonnet for Poe
-Edwardian big straw hat
-Edwardian black mourning hat
-Green & orange fascinator 'Mad Hatter Tea' mini top hat
-Pink 'Mad Hatter Tea' tricorn
-White 'modern' fluffy hat
Tiffany blue silk late 18th
century work bag

-Mustard silk Napoleonic Bee circular reticule
-Mustard silk sash and royal orders
-Pink silk reticule
-Aqua silk taffeta circular reticule
-Tiffany blue silk late 18th century work bag
-Pink silk late 18th century work bag
-Black bee work bag
-Mint green bee work bag
-Napoloenic Bee burgundy silk sewing kit 'housewife'
-Early 19th century painted silk fan
-18th century silk sewing kit or 'housewife'
-Early 19th century Regency S&S white cotton apron
-Late 18th century delicate fashion apron
-Multiple silk sashes, cockades, & more
-Multiple silk work bags & more

Lady Detalle 'TheGRAPECollection"
-LadyDetalle on Etsy jewelry
-ROYAL YOU Parures
-The GRAPE Collection
-Royal BEE Collection

-Early bustle ice blue silk under petticoat
-Early bustle pleated ruffle lower skirt support
-1898 dark pink plaid cotton underskirt
-1880's Victorian corset in embroidered blue linen (X2)
-1880's white linen wire foundation bustle
-1880's cream silk ruffled bustle underskirt
-1870's light blue silk ruffled bustle underskirt
-Regency under petticoats (silk, cotton)
-Late 18th century Diederot stays
-Late 18th century rump pads - 2 cotton, 1 silk
-Late 18th century white & red striped cotton petticoat
-Late 18th century white cotton petticoat
-Late 18th century cream and gold printed silk petticoat
-Late 18th century cream quilted silk under petticoat
-various 18th century petticoats

Non Historic - Just for Fun:
Green dress, orange shrug & muff w/ green
& orange 'Mad Hatter' fascinator hat

-Orange & green Mad Hatter dress, including orange muff and shrug and Mad Hatter fascinator hat
-Pink tricorn Mad hatter hat
-Orange & green & pink outfit re-do, including Pink tricorn Mad hatter hat
-Early 1870's trained "Dress of Wrong" bustle - 18th century "Victorian women" fashion plate cotton and burgundy and gold silk sari bustle

-Georgian jacket in brown silk
-Late 18th century blue velvet jacket
-Late 18th century blue waistcoat
-Late 18th century black fleur-de-lis waistcoat

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