Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas comes early - RSN Embroidery books and Hand embroidery GOLDWORK

YAY, Christmas came early today: I splurged on the entire set of RSN Embroidery books plus a hoop seat frame from England, well worth it: I'm looking forward to learning more hand embroidery!
Set of Royal School of Needlework (RSN) Essential Stitch Guides
Very excited to use these in 2018 and beyond, as I delve deeper into HAND EMBROIDERY as an art form! 
I also started a practice GOLDWORK sampler with fleur-de-lis and wreath surround, so that I can practice on silk taffeta, and also plan to use this on a reticule I'm making: definitely plan to do more with hand embroidery and goldwork in future!
TLD Goldwork practice sampler in progress - far from perfect,
but it gives me a chance to practice the skill

Saturday, December 2, 2017

New project: making a bustle from two sari's

I recently started a new sewing project, my second Victorian bustle dress, mid to late 1880's, using two matching dark teal green BLUE silk Sari's. The sari/saree's are solid lightweight silk with gold metallic embroidery edging and the pallu end has a wavy metallic gold embroidery design and fringe ends.

Victorian BUSTLE gown from 2 Sari's - In progress
Fabric is stash, added this past spring from a friend's costumer yard sale, so basically she de-stashed to me and now I'm using it! Patterns: TV460 Curaiss Bodice, with TV261 Four-Gore Underskirt, with TV305 Apron Overskirt.

I'm sharing an in-progress picture here of the underskirt, although it's still partially pinned at the top back and bottom sides, it shows the in-progress skirt. I attached one of the pallu ends on the bottom as a train. I'm almost done with the apron overskirt, and then I'll need to sew the bodice, trim, as well as finish the underskirt.

This project was originally intended for a costumer friend's Victorian Christmas Tea next weekend that is being postponed/re-scheduled. I'm looking forward to finishing it and wearing it to that or another event: having fun with bustles! Has anyone else ever tried making a bustle using sari's?