Thursday, January 15, 2015

2014 Year in Review

Well, 2014 was a really big year for me: I finished grad school & married my beloved, so that translated into not quite as much sewing as I would like, and you'll notice my productivity went way up in the second half of the year though: I ended up re-accessorizing and re-wearing outfits to the events I did get to attend this year. Here is what I did complete in 2014:
-18th century men's jacket and waistcoat - untrimmed, quick version:
This was quickly finished for the 3nd Annual Francaise Dinner. It still needs a lot of work, so fixes & trim planned for 2015!
3rd Annual Francaise Dinner
-Late 18th century 1770's women's jacket & petticoat, cherry & cream striped silk taffeta: Completely handsewn
I worked on this one for ages, my very first entire outfit completely hand sewn, and finally finished in 2014, complete with a matching bias binding edged sash. I'm proud it's all hand sewn, I'm not proud that it's too small to fit right now :P.
Cherry & Cream 1770's jacket & petticoat by TheLadyDetalle
-Early 19th century yellow with black trim Regency cross over gown
I love, love this dress! I used my pattern for my first cross over gown, an embroidered white cotton, which was a modified version of the Sense & Sensibility cross over gown pattern. I made this for my 8th Annual Pumpkin Tea, but didn't try this on with my Regency stays until the day of: I'm not yet satisfied with the bodice on this one, it still needs a few tweaks to make it lay better, so I'll fix that before adding all the rest of the black trim that I have planned to go on it :). I wore this with my brown velvet spencer, my cream & burgundy trimmed bonnet, American Duchess 'Hartfield' boots, jewelry from inthelongrundesigns, my embroidered bee silk muff by TheLadyDetalle (me!) and a little bee in my hair. I really loved wearing this outfit, and can't wait to wear it again soon.
Yellow cross over gown
Being silly
Bee in my hair: Picture from Maggie
Picture from Maggie

-Edwardian Titanic day outing dress or coat - I made this daytime Edwardian Titanic 19-Teens outfit for the Winterthur Downton Abbey exhibit:

This one was quickly whipped together, and I didn't like how the golden yellow silk dupioni bodice turned out (not pictured here), so I set that aside to fix later and opted to wear my colonial riding habit shirt under a (modern) black velvet short jacket, which combined with my finished 19-teens skirt, new silk sash & big hat, made for an acceptable period look :).
The HB and I
Photo by InTheLongRun
-Finished Late 18th century baby tri-corn hat:
Baby tricorn by TheLadyDetalle
-Muffs & muff insides (only a portion shown):
I created a LOT of muff covers (hand sewn) and muff insides in late 2014, especially in December, as I was creating these one-of-a-kind muffs for my new Etsy store. I love experimenting with all different kinds of fabric & trim embellishments, so I'm having fun with this one!

STARTED in 2014, but didn't finish:
-Late 18th century men's waistcoat - mock up #2 in progress
-Early 19th century Regency rose pink cotton velvet spencer - in the UFO pile awaiting sleeve work
-1780's cream pattern silk taffeta jacket - in UFO pile awaiting fitting with stays
-Yellow & black 'bee' hat - in progress, I'm in love w/ Napoleonic bees, very inspired by bees lately
-Muffs - lots of in progress muffs

PLANNED to do in 2014, but didn't:
-19th century Regency bib front gown
-1780's or 1790's outfit
-Finish my 18th century hat o' awesomeness to wear with said cherry & cream gown
-19th century Regency silk taffeta gown with lots & lots of detailing
-19th century Regency flowy silk gown
-Start planning news stays for 18th/19th & Victorian

One thing I realized is that I didn't do a very good job of getting photos of my few completed outfits/items this year, so I'll need to do better on that in 2015!

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