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February HSM Challenge - Colour Challenge, blue - Late 18th Century Men's waistcoat

HSM February: Late 18th Century Men's Waistcoat

Front View - Late 18th C Men's Waistcoat
by TheLadyDetalle
Back View - Late 18th C Men's Waistcoat 
by TheLadyDetalle

For February's Colour Challenge of blue, I decided to make a late 18th century waistcoat for my husband, using a pretty dark blue design poly fabric, light blue shot silver silk for the back, and lined with tan linen. I need to make him some outfits, so he has things to wear, so one of my focus areas of sewing this year, is to make some things for my husband for Colonial & Regency events. Not my best effort, but I'm new to men's clothes so I feel like I'm starting all over a bit!

Historical Sew Monthly February challenge:

HSM by the Dreamstress

The Challenge: Colour Challenge - make an item that features blue, in any shade from azure to zaffre

Fabric: Blue design poly for fashion front, light blue silver shot silk taffeta from PureSilks for back, tan linen for lining from my mom's stash

Pattern: Reconstructing History 1780's-1790's Waistcoats - modified

Year: Late 18th Century

Notions: None yet - I plan to add buttons & buttonholes for ease of wearing. First wear was pinned.

How historically accurate is it? The pattern & shape are historically accurate; I sewed much of this by machine, so not so much accuracy there, and the fabric APPEARS historically accurate, but is not a material (polyester) that they would have had back then. The silk back & linen insides are historically accurate, and a portion of this is hand sewn, also accurate.

Hours to complete: Well, I'm slow sewing at times. Adding up all the pattern work, two muslins for fit, cutting out the final, pinning & sewing, well, probably 2-3 full sewing days overall?

First worn: My husband wore this February 14th to Gadsby's for a 1799 George Washington Birthnight Ball on Valentine's Day: he was pinned in (period) for the first wearing, but I plan to add buttons/buttonholes in future. It also seems a bit big, even at double breasted, so not sure what is going on there.

Total cost: Hmm...well, all fabric/supplies were from the stash. The dark blue design poly I got from a friend long ago (from Loren I believe?), the light blue silk was a years ago purchase from PureSilks and was about $14 a yard (I used less than a yard). The linen was from my mom's stash and leftover from her Regency stays project, so...
HB & I at the Gadsby's ball with a friend (photo courtesy of InTheLongRun)
Men's late 18th century waistcoat in progress
February's challenge, make something blue!

Up next is HSM March: Stashbusting...I love stashbusting! Make something using only fabric, patterns, trim & notions that you already have in the stash.

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