Sunday, March 8, 2015

Late 18th Century men's jacket - fixes and trim

Lately I've been working on the fixes and trim for my HB's Late 18th Century Jacket for the upcoming 4th Annual Francaise Dinner in Alexandria, VA at Gadsby's Tavern Restaurant. So far, I've undone the bottom hem, cut down the jacket considerably (he wanted it shorter & to lay better on the bottom) removing quite a bit of heavy velvet fabric (that was tucked up in the hem temporarily), then re-hemming & finishing the bottom.

Then I took off the cuffs & swapped them to the other sides (previously I had re-set the sleeves so the cuffs were now facing the wrong direction) and sewed them back on. Incorrectly I might add. Now I need to unpick them & sew them to the inside (instead of the outside like I did) so that I can fold them out to finish the cuff - left that to do yet.

I also added sleeve linings to the sleeves, and then did some research on trim: I have a lovely gold trim I got from Philly-based deep discount store, Jomar, which I am now in the process of sewing on the jacket. Here's what it looks like so far:

Late 18th C Men's Jacket by TheLadyDetalle
The event is not for another few weeks, but myself & two other ladies are planning & hosting the event this year, so it's been pretty busy getting everything ready! 

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