Sunday, February 14, 2016

2nd Annual Costume Budget Spa Weekend

A small group of friends and I went to Colonial Williamsburg last past weekend for the second installment of the 'Costume Budget Spa Weekend.' Thanks so much to those who joined me again this year. Had a lovely time! I wore my favorite pink linen gown matched with my pink silk white marabou hooded cape and muff:
2nd Costume Budget Spa Weekend - Late 18th century
Dinner at Shield's Tavern in CW (Photo courtesy Gloria)
So, the trip:
Friday we met up at the Williamsburg antique mall and did some antiquing and had tea lunch together. That night we ate at the Blue Talon Bistro (so yum), one of my favorite restaurants in Williamsburg: so yummy and so full in this photo.
Dinner at the Blue Talon Bistro in CW (Photo courtesy Gloria)
Saturday was spa day, so breakfast and then to the spa for whirlpool, steam room and spa services. So very, very relaxing. We did a light spa lunch of cinnamon raisin scones, lemon curd, fruit/veggies and cheese/crackers and had a delightful time. Here's the four of us post spa:
The four of us relaxed post CW spa day
Saturday evening was late 18th century costumed tavern dinner at Shield's Tavern in CW: Samantha (the couturecourtesan) and Emma (friends from CW) joined us, and we had a lovely evening eating, drinking and talking about costumes, events, travel, fabric and life! It was super fun to catch up and get to know these lovely ladies a little better: thanks so much for joining us and hope to see you again soon!
Emma and Jess at CW's Shield Tavern
Jess in her new lovely rose silk gown!
TheLadyDetalle - pink striped linen with pink silk
white marabou hooded cape & muff
Gloria in her lovely yellow silk gown & new necklace
Sunday we had a leisurely tea leftovers breakfast, and then we did some historic shopping, including a trip to Tarpley's, Prentis, Post Office, Mary Dickinson, and Greenhowe. They even had a small ice rink set up on one end of historic CW: so cool, maybe next year, eh?! Then a quick visit to The Williamsburg shop, the Cheese Shop, then on to Aroma's for lunch before heading home. Isabella and I also made a stop at Yankee Candle factory outlet (her favorite) before heading out of town.
Current fabrics for sale at historic CW Mary Dickinson shop!
They even had an nice rink in historic CW this year, so fun!
Here's a link to all my pictures:

I missed those of you who couldn't join us this year, and definitely plan to do this again next year! Jan-Mar are the slowest (and COLD-est) time of year in Colonial Williamsburg, and so they have quite good deals, so we'll plan on going again for the 3rd Annual around this time next year!

A wonderful and relaxing weekend with friends!

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