Saturday, October 8, 2016

Quick project - pink silk work bag

Here's a quick project I threw together in the last week: it's something I've been meaning to make for awhile, an 18th century work bag. I decided to make it out of pink silk taffeta, lined in cream silk taffeta and finished with natural white silk satin ribbon ties. I basically just cut out two squares of each fabric 13 X 13, fashion and lining, sewed the lining together (using a small seam allowance), then sewed the fashion together. Then turned the fashion inside out and left the lining outside in, inserting it INSIDE the fashion. Pinned and sewn into place, and then binding channel to finish edges and add ties.

Pink silk work bag by TheLadyDetalle
Inside of pink silk work bag
Ties drawn pink silk work bag
I'm sure this will come in handy with bringing sewing projects with me on the go!

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