Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Sewing Plans and Goals

2017 Sewing Plans & Goals:

Well, it's 2017, the year I need to finally get a few long-planned outfits done like my first Robe a la Francaise, jacket/s for my husband, and get foundation garments (my least favorite) done for new era's: Victorian, 1830's and proper Edwardian.

PLANNED for 2017:
-Robe a la Francaise
-Late 18th and early 19th century men's jacket for HB
-late Victorian corset
-late Victorian foundation garments
-Tiffany blue fur trimmed late 18th century pelisse
-Outerwear - late Victorian
-Court outfit
-Pumpkin Tea shoes - bees or fleur-de-lis
-Regency Pumpkin Tea flag - inspired by Kat's Victorian Party flag
-Stays/Corsets: 1830's, Edwardian, Georgian, Regency
-Regency bee spencer and bonnet
-Regency sari dress
-18th century jacket/dress with a hood
-More Etsy shop stuff - muffs, reticules, and more

My plans for 2017 sewing include the continuation of my 2016 goals:

Goal #1: sew for CREATIVITY

Continue to sew and integrate creative arts into sewing: creativity with trim, painting and more. Sew under creative inspiration.

Goal #2: sew more MEN'S garments

Really focus on getting a few things done for my husband in 2017. He doesn't costume with me more than a few times a year, but I need to make him some jackets!

Goal #3: work on my LONG-term sewing plans

2017 is the year of Victorian for me! I'm starting with 1880's bustle, with full foundation garments up first. I also would like to get to my 1830's finally in 2017. Continue to make foundation garments for new eras and re-do's for eras I already do. Continue to stretch into new eras. Finish my first Robe a la Francaise. Continue to build a wardrobe of options :).

Other goals:

It's the year of foundation garments for me! It's about time for new Regency and late 18th century stays, and I also need to make stays for new eras I want to do: Victorian, 1830's, Edwardian.

Continue with lots of HAND-sewing projects ready to go at a moment's notice. Continue to plan and sew for events in advance, low pressure sewing is the most enjoyable. Continue to sew from the STASH. Continue to de-stash where I can, but also continue to acquire lovely fabrics that inspire creativity, as long as I sew them within 6 months or so of acquiring them wherever possible. UFO's pile if there's time.

UFO's I could finish in 2017:
-Finish my Regency rose cotton velvet spencer
-Finish my 1780's cream silk jacket - jacket mid-way and petticoat hem
-Light green cotton Regency
-Lots of Etsy shop projects

I have a lot of sewing planned for 2017, and I generally get no more than a few outfits and then accessories in a year, so wish me luck, and good luck to you with your 2017 sewing plans too!


  1. I'm with you on the foundations. My bustle cage is in such a sad state. I really need to take the boning out and redo the poor girl. But so boring! The good thing about men's wear is that the styles last so much longer than women's. A good frock coat takes a man through most of the Victorian/Edwardian era.

    1. Yes!! I need a sew-along buddy!! Foundation garments are SO important but I find them boring so put them off again and again...let's sew "together" and encourage each other to stay on track and knock them out! :)

      Men's wear: Yeah, a few pieces and he'll be set!