Monday, January 27, 2020

Sew Honest Sunday UPDATE

We had such a wonderful time hosting #sewhonestsunday in 2019 that we are continuing into 2020 & beyond!

I unfortunately missed parts of this in the middle of the year, due to being off Instagram for 5 months (I'm so sorry all! Had some life stuff going on, including a death in the family), but I did go back and read as many of those posts as I could, which were lovely and sharing and so inspiring!

Definitely loving the opportunity to share more of the truth behind sewing, and the reality behind what it means to be a historical costumer, living history buff, re-enactor, historical cosplayer and more!

Both A Frivolous Distinction and I (The Lady Detalle) are using the tag in 2020, and continuing the journey, community building and honest conversation. I know there are many, including myself, who are helped by knowing the reality behind the polished IG photos and the "best of the best" photos that we all get to see.

We're so excited to continue this weekly Instagram challenge in 2020 and beyond!

Thank you SO much to everyone for joining in with us, for posting, for using the tags, for sharing, for being real, for showing the how to's, the negatives, the positives, the process and so much more of our historic sewing community and world. THANK YOU!!!

If you haven't joined us yet, feel free to jump on in whenever you want and whenever you can! I use the opportunity to talk about my sewing/life balance, my little tips and tricks or hilarious shortcuts, my mistakes and mess-ups, my UFO progress and the WHY's behind my sewing, and so much more!

TheLadyDetalle and A Frivolous Distinction partnered together for the "SEW HONEST SUNDAY" Instagram weekly challenge!

SEW HONEST SUNDAY is all about the real deal, that Historical Costuming = FUN!

It's about the background process of what we sew and create, it's posting the reality behind perfection, the ups and the downs. It's all about staring a wider discussion and expressing honesty to ourselves and to the community, about HOW we sew and HOW we costume and do the things we do, allowing us to connect more as a community, inspire each other and welcome others to join in the fun community with us!

Sunday is often a day when many of us sew, so it's a great time to snap a quick photo of your in-progress sewing, both the things that went right and the things that didn't go so right, your process, sewing space, or post a finished costume or event picture and tell a story about how you got there.

Sew Honest Sunday: Post your in-progress photos, what patterns you use, the mockups you make or don't make, the shortcuts, the fixes, the safety pins, zippers, velcro, false foundations, the mistakes, or the ups and downs. Share your process, your creativity, your sewing space, your hacks, your shenanigans, the yard sale or thrift shop fabric or supplies, accessories you use for multiple eras, share those not perfect photos, as well as the good ones! How you build your hairstyles or the layers of your ensembles. However you share your sewing honestly, this is a wide open tag and challenge so what you share is up to you and it's open to everyone who wants to join in.

Let's together post about what we do to have fun in this hobby, let's have courage ourselves and give courage to others to join us. Let's have FUN being honest together, Sew Honest Sunday!

If you'd like to join in, simply post and share something that falls in the challenge on a Sunday and use the #sewhonestsunday tag. If you want to be sure we see it, be sure to tag the two of us in your post too.
It's that simple!

You can post multiple times on Sunday or once every Sunday or just join in once in awhile when you can or feel so inspired!

Hosted by @theladydetalle and @afrivolousdistinction

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