Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last bits of sewing for 2015

I had grand plans to get a whole bunch of sewing done during Christmas break, but family time then some other life stuff got in the way, but I got in a good full day today plus another half day of sewing yesterday before the end of 2015.

Here's what I did!

First, I took my blue American Duchess Antoinettes, and fabric dyed them Tiffany blue...well, I 'tried' to dye them Tiffany blue: they came out a little more green then blue, but I think they're pretty, so it's fine. I also sewed white marabou around the edges, to make them really fun. 

First, here are the finished shoes:
'Antoinettes' - fabric dyed & added marabou
And some 'in progress' pics:
The original shoe - American Duchess 'Antoinettes'
Fabric dye - round 1
Fabric dye - round 2
I still plan to do a little more with painting the heels later, but otherwise they are done!

Next up, I created two little face masks for my husband and I - I needed a little project on the half day sewing when I was still not quite full energy, so I decided to create these from some scraps/leftover fabrics, and even cut a little into a very soft silk for the insides.
Black fleur-de-lis face mask
Pink quilted silk face mask
Silk backs of the face masks
My hb's mask in progress
My mask in progress
For some reason I adore making things from tiny scraps of fabric: it feels like I'm doing what they used to do, because I'm sure they did the same!

And I also made more progress with the black fleur-de-lis men's waistcoat: it's all put together now and just need buttons/buttonholes, so I'm calling it done for now (since it can pinned for wear). It's made from a black with gold fleur-de-lis poly fabric, lined with thick black cotton and the back fabric is a thicker silk taffeta.
Black fleur-de-lis Men's late 18thC waistcoat
View of the back of the waistcoat
I also spent some time prepping my Edwardian skirt for Saturday: it needed fastenings and a gathering channel, so I knocked that out too. 

And that's the last bits of my sewing for 2015! I'll do my Year in Review soon,

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