Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Year in Review

Well, 2015 was a bit of a rough year with LIFE stuff but I did manage to get quite a bit of sewing done, especially in the second half of the year. Once we moved and I had a dedicated sewing room again, I was able to work on a lot of projects, and get a lot done! As you see, I completed only a portion of my PLANNED sewing in 2015, however, I also completed a large amount of UNPLANNED sewing in 2015, as I let inspiration take hold, and worked on all kinds of fun cape & accessory projects.

Here's my 2015 Sewing:
Late 18th century pink silk white marabou
hooded cape & muff

Late 1790's Open Robe gown
Early 19th century cream silk white marabou pelerine
Late 18th century men's blue waistcoat

Late 18th century housewife or sewing kit

Regency Orange Painted 'Pemberlies'

Late 18th century black silk
black marabou hooded cape

Early 19th century burgundy silk black
marabou 'fichu'
Set of blue 'designer' silk pillows 
Early 19th century white
cotton S&S apron
Late 18th century delicate apron

Quilted silk 'empire' muff

Late 18th century black silk mourning cape

Fleur-de-Lis modern mask

Pink quilted silk modern mask

Late 18th century black Fleur-de-Lis men's waistcoat
White fluffy hat

Black silk mourning muff

Blue green fabric dyed white marabou 'Antoinette' shoes

Early 19th century painted silk fan

COMPLETED (Planned) in 2015:

-Late 18th century pink silk & white marabou feather Hooded Cape & muff
-Men's late 18th century blue waistcoat - HSM Colour Blue February Challenge
-Late 1790's Open Robe (Crossover) gown - HSM Out of Your Comfort Zone June (late) Challenge
-Regency Pumpkin Tea shoes - painted & decorated American Duchess 'Pemberley' shoes - Phase I
-Antoinette mule slippers - fabric dyed blue green & white marabou trim
-Late 18th century men's black fleur-de-lis waistcoat - Phase I

Revamp, trim, fixes and more:
-Men's late 18th century blue velvet jacket - HSM Stashbusting March Challenge
-Shorten white cotton under petticoat (fix)
-Also fixes on my Edwardian skirt

-White 'modern' fluffy hat - just for fun

COMPLETED (Un-planned) in 2015:
-Black silk mourning muff - HSM Foundations January Challenge
-Black silk mourning muff (2) for friends
-July HSM Accessorize - early 19th century painted silk fan
-Regency silk pelerine - HSM Heirloom & Heritage August Challenge
-Black Silk Marabou Hooded Cape
-18th century silk sewing kit or 'housewife' - HSM Colour Brown September Challenge
-Regency Burgundy Silk 'Fichu' with black Marabou - HSM October Sewing Secrets
-Early 19th century Regency S&S white cotton apron - HSM Silver Screen November Challenge
-Empire burgundy quilted silk muff - HSM War & Peace April (late) Challenge
-Late 18th century 'delicate' apron - HSM Practicality May (late) Challenge
-Late 18th century black silk mourning cape - December Re-Do HSM of January's Foundations

-Blue quilted silk dupioni tea cozy for my teapot
-Set of blue silk 'designer' pillows for the sewing room
-Gold silk curtains pair for the costume closet
-Modern face masks - fleur-de-lis & pink quilted silk

PLANNED to do in 2015, but didn't or made progress but didn't finish:
-Late 18th or early 19th century men's jacket & pants for HB
-Early 19th century Regency ballgown - I have an embroidered one planned if there's time, ha!
-Regency silk sari dress
-Early 19th century Regency bee spencer
-Late 18th century Robe a la Francaise - if there's time!
-If I got to it, start one of my long-planned outfits, new stays, etc. - eh, none

-Modern yellow & black 'bee' hat - progress but not done
-Revamp my early 19th century yellow Regency cross over gown bodice & add more black trim
-Finish my Regency rose cotton velvet spencer
-Finish my 1780's cream silk jacket

I'll do 2016 Plans in another post!

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