Sunday, August 21, 2016

Etsy shop update - TheLadyDetalle on Etsy (and a coupon)

Recently I did a big de-stash of fabric and antique/vintage things, and thus have been adding lots of listings to my Etsy store, TheLadyDetalle!

Hooded cape PATTERN
by TheLadyDetalle
I have way, way too much fabric in my stash (and opps! I continue to buy more when I find gorgeous fabric at great prices, thus you all can benefit from this too!), so it's time for me to share all the things, so I recently posted: silk fabric, my new hooded cape pattern, a few sari's/saree's, silk cotton blend fabric, crystal candlesticks, a Marie Antoinette embroidered silk muff, embroidered purple muff, and other fun things!

I'm really enjoying the Etsy shop, and being able to share things through the store with others. It's exciting when people purchase supplies in my shop like fabric and then share what they made with it: it's very inspiring!

Please check these new things, just recently made (embroidered muffs) or listed:

Please use this coupon: "COCO16PEB" for 20% off your next purchase through 9/30. Enjoy!

Dark and medium brown SILK sari
Marie Antoinette Embroidered Muffs:Medium Lavender Embroidered silk &Cream Embroidered silk w/ black silk ribbon
Cream Embroidered flower silk w/ black silk ribbon withMarie Antoinette portrait - Muff by TheLadyDetalle

Daguerreotype Victorian Lady
Medium blue silk dupioni
Green chandelier earring pair vintage

Also please visit my other Etsy shop, Regency Tea, for customer favorites: Sticky Toffee Pudding, Cream Earl Grey & Chocolate Vanilla Mint

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