Saturday, August 13, 2016

Making a Regency gown from a sari

I finally started on my Regency gown made from a sari/saree today: I'm using the La Mode Bagatelle cross over dress pattern. I have everything cut out and I have the skirt mostly together: I just need to work on the bottom of the skirt, add some trim around the entire bottom. Also put the entire bodice together.
Progress on the sari Regency!
The fabric is a vintage orange silk sari with heavy gold metallic thread from India, bought through an Etsy seller - totally reasonable price. I am cutting up the more ornamental part to add along the bottom the whole way around the dress (rather than just making it part of the very front of the dress).
Cutting up the sari trim from the most
decorated part of the sari
The front is strips of the gold metallic design that were all along the sari edge: I did some piecing to get enough to add the three widths to the middle front.

Because the sari is 44' wide and about 5 3/4 yards long, and I'm cutting up all the design elements to use, I'm literally going to end up with a little pile of orange silk scraps at the end. Was hoping for enough left to get a reticule, but it's not looking good at this point. ;)

This gown is for the candlelight dinner at my 10th Annual Pumpkin Tea at the beginning of Nov. I need to get my dress done so I can tackle Mat's Regency coat, and then I have two events in October I'm trying to make things for.


  1. Is there a picture of the finished product?

    1. Elise, I'm so sorry I missed this comment!

      Here's the finished gown: