Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Orange Silk Sari Regency gown - August Pattern HSM Challenge

For August's HSM PATTERN challenge I made a Regency silk sari (saree) gown!
My new Regency gown made from an orange silk sari!
The orange sari I used has an embroidered gold polka dot pattern, plus some fancy gold embroidery work in patterns done with gold thread all along the edges and the main fancy area (the pallu). I also created pattern by cutting up the sari pallu and the designed edges, and use them down the front (by combining three widths together to bring some interest to the front), across the bottom, across the bodice bottom, on the sleeves and neckline binding, along the bottom hem, and more! This created various patterns on the gown, using the sari fabric and bringing interest and detail overall to the gown. 

Historical Sew Monthly AUGUST challenge:

The Challenge: Pattern - make something in pattern, the bolder and wilder the better.

Material: A sari/saree from India - orange silk embroidered with gold thread - About 6 yards and 40" wide.

Pattern: La Mode Bagatelle cross over gown (I made mine open at the back so faux cross over)

Year: early 19th century

Notions: None

How historically accurate is it? It's up there, pattern is good. Also Regency women made dresses with fabric from India, which is what mine is. I mainly did it by machine and hand finished though.

Hours to complete: A few days worth of sewing: I did a lot of piecing and figuring in order to use up all the embroidered gold work in the pallu and edges, and for the neckline and sleeve binding, the bodice sash, the front hem, down the skirt front and more. I did the majority of the sewing in August, but ended up putting it aside for two months, and then finally finishing it at the end of October/beginning of November.

First worn: Worn for the first time this past Friday night at the 10th Annual Regency Pumpkin Tea Candlelight Dinner I hosted! I also was wearing a orange berry gold tiara headband from my lovely mother Linda, jewelry from Dames a la Mode, and painted American Duchess 'Pemberlies'.

Total cost: $25.99 for the pure silk sari online.

Here are a few in-progress pictures!
Choosing bottom trim
Inside Out View - showing piecing together
 three rows of gold trim in the middle front
And almost done!
I used all of the sari in this project, and ended up with a few small pieces of gold work and a handful of orange silk scraps remaining, that was it. I definitely enjoyed making a Regency gown from a sari, and will do so again in future!

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