Sunday, November 20, 2016

Burgundy Red Bee Lady Worsley silk muff - November 'Red' HSM Challenge

For November's 'Red' challenge I made a burgundy red embroidered bee silk muff with Lady Worsley fabric portrait and silk ribbon embellishment & silk ties!
Burgundy 'red' Bee Lady Worsley silk muff
I adore bee fabric, so this was a lot of fun to make and embellish and relatively quick to hand sew together! :). I was targeting 1798-1802 with this design, but really this is appropriate for anytime from 1775-1820, and could even go much later.
In progress burgundy bee muff - pleating the
silk ribbon along the two sides
            Historical Sew Monthly 
           NOVEMBER challenge:

The Challenge: Red - Make something in any shade of red. 

Material: embroidered bee burgundy red silk dupioni designer fabric

Pattern: TheLadyDetalle muff pattern

Year: 1798-1802, really any late 18th to late 19th century+, but I was targeting those 4 years

Notions: fabric portrait of Lady Worsley (in a riding habit) & silk ribbon for embellishment

How historically accurate is it? It is an appropriate size, shape, style and embellishment for one of the time, and is all hand sewn.

Hours to complete: Approximately 5-6 hours of hand sewing and finishing.

First worn: Not worn yet - I had planned this for use in the new year and decided instead to sell it to my friend Judy ;). I also added a custom 'made to order' version in my Etsy shop.

Total cost: The fabric was designer and high price per yard and also silk ribbon for pleated trim around the portrait, along both sides and for the silk ties.

A few more pics!
The golden tones of the fabric and ribbon

'Lady Worsley' in a late 18th century riding habit
Side view of the silk, down-filled muff

Lady Worsley riding habit bee silk muff by TheLadyDetalle

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