Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Etsy Shop update - portrait muffs for warm hands this cold winter!

Update: Well, I've been spending a lot of my sewing time lately working on things for my Etsy shop, TheLadyDetalle: I'm having a lot of fun designing and sewing these fabric portrait muffs. They are fun to create and be creative with, and require such a small amount of fabric. I've been able to pick up some really lovely designer silk sample remnants that I can sometimes get enough to make a muff!

Etsy shop muffs
More muffs for the shop - Marie Antoinette
Bee muffs and Duchess of Devonshire
I use this muff pattern, and/or this muff tutorial to create these muffs, and then add trim design, painted design, fabric portraits or some of each to create the finished muffs!

When it gets COLD out like it is now in much of the world, I start dreaming of more outerwear, more muffs to keep hands warm, more capes or cloaks, more fluffy marabou, more hoods.

My next project is this, a late 18th century pelisse!

I'm using Tiffany blue silk taffeta and some lovely vintage fur - there's no pattern for this garment available, so I'll be drafting this myself, wish me luck!

Here's my Pinterest board on muffs. And here are some images of some extant portrait version!

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