Sunday, October 22, 2017

Costume College - Classes I taught

Wow, I have to admit that Costume College always goes by in a quick blur. This is especially true whether teaching classes, taking classes or just enjoying the long weekend of costuming and costume friends, lol. And I'm quite delayed in getting my posts up!

I taught three classes this year, one on Friday and two on Sunday, all workshop kit classes, which ended up being a lot, but I had a great time teaching, and the students said they had a great time in the classes, so yay!

1) Winter Wear - Muff Workshop

This one was on Friday, it was a full class, and we made silk taffeta portrait muffs!
I brought the down pillows pre-done (you've seen some of the pictures of the mess that makes, right?!), and everyone got one, plus a kit that included silk taffeta, silk ribbon, a fabric portrait and pattern instructions. Everyone got right to work, some making it up by hand and some by machine, and quite a few of the students finished by class end, and we had a lot of fun!

Here's some of the students finished portrait muffs:
Katherine Adrian's lovely Marie and purple silk muff
Mother and daughter took the class together! 

Lovely bright aqua trim!

Beautiful and quickly finished!

2) Regency Detailing: Learn Reverse Applique

This one was Sunday, and a workshop/skills class, which was really fun. Everyone got a kit with silk taffeta squares, drew on an alphabet letter and design of their choice, and then cut away the inside of the top layer of their design, tucked under the seam allowance and did reverse applique: end result is the back fabric shows thru to the front. It was also a full class and a lot of fun!
Students hard at work!
Samples with Reverse Applique and Historical Detailing
3) Sewing Kit or "Housewife" Workshop

This one was also Sunday, and the only class that had a couple of spots open: since it was one of the final class times of the weekend, I wasn't surprised, lol. I had a great group of students, who each got a housewife kit of embroidered silk taffeta, cream silk taffeta and quilted silk, along with binding, pocket, pin and needle 'holder', silk ribbon for ties and more. It went by quickly with everyone sewing and learning together!

Finished student housewife:
Silk Housewife sewn by Pam Metsers
Yay, so I had a wonderful time at Costume College teaching classes again this year, and hope to teach again next year!


  1. Your housewife class was so nice! It was really relaxing to just sit and sew with other ladies at the end of the day. I carry mine with me everywhere and I've since made one as a gift.

    1. And so glad to hear you use it all the time and have made another since, yay!

    2. Aw, thanks Adriana! I agree, it was really fun to sit and chat and sew the housewife kits together. :)