Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A commission - coral silk taffeta "R" circular reticule

So I finished a commission in early September for a costume friend to take to England with her for the 'Jane Austen Festival' in Bath - she wanted a shade of coral to go with her coral accessories, so I made up this lovely shot silk taffeta of coral and cream, into a circular reticule with champagne silk ties and silk trim, and a design and gold "R" painted on the front.

It was super fun to make and I hope to make more next year!

Coral Silk Taffeta Circular Reticule
Back side of coral silk taffeta circular reticule commission


  1. May I ask what you use for the center of the reticule?

    1. Hi there, yes, it's #70 pellon interfacing, but you could also use cardboard or a similar stiff center. I like the heavy pellon because it can be sewn thru! Each circle has two layers of the pellon, covered in silk, and then sewn together.