Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Last Csar Dinner

My husband and I attended a private event this past weekend, The Last Csar Dinner in the Philly suburbs, a themed Russian Court dinner around the years of 1894-1917. I made a 1898 evening/court gown out of a dark burnt 'brick' (lol) red orange silk taffeta from my stash, using TV490 evening bodice and TV297 flared skirt patterns. My bodice is boned and I'm wearing my late Victorian corset, and an underskirt made up in the same TV297 pattern of a thick vintage cotton plaid. My husband's black wool military jacket was purchased/made from a seller in England and I added a few embroideries and his sash and 'royal orders.'

Here's a picture of the Last Csar Dinner group photo!
The Last Csar Dinner - November 2017
We had an amazing time, a sit down dinner of delicious food: I chose the soup special (cauliflower and feta cheese), filet mignon, and a pumpkin mousse tart!

Last Csar Dinner, my husband and I 
My dress was finished in about two weeks (since I was frantically sewing for another event right before this one, I'll post on that soon). I was originally planning on adding sleeves (Russian style court sleeves were planned but I ran out of time so I may add those for a later wearing). My 1898 evening/court gown is sleeveless and finished with a vintage fur, and lots of bling!

We had such a fun evening!

Trying to look regal (but my hair is hiding
my tiara, lol)

Tiara with matching necklace and earrings set, extra long and long real pearl necklaces are LadyDetalle on Etsy, as are my matching real pearl bracelets. Catherine the Great crown bow order by Etsy seller Queen & Cavendish, and I made our 'bee orders' as well as our other orders either I made or bought/made, along with matching silk sashes. I wore my black 'Balmoral' boots by American Duchess. Hair by me using a half wig of brown curls and a touch of extra hair underneath for support.

I didn't get very many pictures since I was having such a great time, but the ones I did get are here.

The evening went by so quickly, but we had an amazing and truly lovely weekend: thank you, Judy!


  1. You looked so wonderful!!! Thank you so much for joining us and making the event even more special!!

    1. Aw, thank you! :) Really happy with how our outfits came out, and our bling - thank you SO much for planning and hosting such a marvelous and fun event!!! And your dress was so, so stunning!