Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Blue silk 'designer' set of pillows for the sewing room - super quick project

Quick project - 'designer' blue silk pillows for the sewing room:
Blue silk 'designer' set of pillows by TheLadyDetalle
While doing Pumpkin Tea prep recently, I was sorting through my fabric stash (looking for some more fabric to de-stash and list in my Etsy store), when I stumbled across two lovely pieces of blue drapery fabric (fabric content unknown, but luxurious feeling and heavy) that are the right shape for two pillow fronts: bingo!

There wasn't enough for backs, but that's ok, I have stash fabric I can use for that! I've been meaning to re-cover some striped gold brown silk dupioni pillows I bought at BB&B about a decade ago (wear and tear of the pillow cover was high, and the pillow inside in good shape with 95% feathers 5% down). When I saw these drapery pieces in the stash, I was like, 'YES!'. So I decided to just go for it on the spot!
The old pillow covers (gold brown silk dupioni)
So first I cut into and pulled off the old pillow covers (see photo above): used that for a generic shape pattern (size plus a bit of seam allowance - but pillows are forgiving within an inch or so), finagled my drapery fashion front pieces a bit since they were slightly longer and not quite as wide as I needed (but within an inch), cut out two back panels to go with my two designer fashion fabric front panels from some icy blue silk dupioni from the stash, pinned, and quickly machined sewed the 3 sides together, insert pillows, pinned shut the last sides (1 side times 2 pillows)...all that remained was to hand sew them shut!
Machine-sewn & pinned - in progress
My husband saw them sitting on the bed that evening and thought I had bought them: he said they looked designer high end: sweet! That's an awesome compliment for decade old pillows who just got new quick covers sewn together on a whim while I was de-stashing.

Last step, I hand-sewed the 4th sides together (using invisible stitch) and voila! A set of pillows for the the sewing room!

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