Sunday, November 26, 2017

My first "buh, buh, buh, buh"...BUSTLE!!

*SQUEEEEEEEEE* I finally made my very first Victorian bustle.......aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
My first late 1880's Victorian bustle gown in blue and red plaid Jomar silk dupioni
(photo by InTheLongRunDesigns)
My first mid-late 1880's bustle! This is a big deal for me, since I've only been planning it for over a decade (seriously, ridiculous - can you tell how much I dislike making foundation garments, lol). I FINALLY made it happen this year in October, thanks to gentle prodding and encouragement from my dear friends Judy and Kat. And Carolyn. ;)

Also a promise to finally get bustle for a friend's annual Victorian party private event done sometime this year, plus Carolyn from The Modern Mantua Maker was hosting a Big Bustle Birthday Bash in October (the pictures in this post), where bustle was preferred but late 18th century "big butts" were acceptable also! If I couldn't get my outfit together, late 18thc was my back up plan, but I pushed and pushed to finish before Carolyn's event and I'm so glad I did!

I literally finished sewing my bodice an hour and a half before Carolyn's event started (so stressful) and immediately started doing my hair so I could get dressed for the event! I'm pinned into my entire outfit (no time for sewing closures). We had a picnic in a local park, with a really good turnout, it was quite an enjoyable day! 
Bustle from the back (photo by InTheLongRunDesigns)
"Why yes, shocked I DO like wearing bustle!"
(Photo by InTheLongRunDesigns)

Back-side view, er, um, side-back view?! LOL
It was a super fun event, other than a few pushy and persistent yellow jackets, which kept insisting on invading my personal space. *shudder*...we had a lovely time though, the weather was warm yet cool, muggy yet not too bad: lots of delicious food and enjoyable company, with beautiful bustle dresses everywhere!

Really fun dress to wear, I enjoyed how the dress and silk fabric moved, and the gathered ruffles, it was just really enjoyable to wear, and just somehow felt "right."

My dress is a blue green and red plaid silk (Jomar find!) using TV460 Curaiss Bodice, with TV261 Four-Gore Underskirt, with TV305 Apron Overskirt. With TV101 Petticoat with wire bustle foundation (underneath, not pictured), with TV170 Victorian petticoats in cream silk petticoat (underneath, not pictured). Also TV110 Late Victorian corset (underneath, not pictured) in embroidered blue linen. Accessories: mini tricorn I made a few years ago, hair by me, with a red brown Lioness curly wig mixed in with my hair. Jewelry: real pearl and gold bow earrings plus matching real pearl bracelets by Lady Detalle, with a vintage pin I picked up years ago at the bodice neck. Cream lace parasol from Loren of Costumer's Closet in a purge she did years ago, and black velvet reticule by VeryVictorianStudio. American Duchess 'Balmorals' in black finished the look!

All my photos from The Big Bustle Birthday Bash are here. A lovely day of fun, thank you, Carolyn! 

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