Friday, November 24, 2017

11th Regency Pumpkin Tea and Candlelight Soiree

Yay, recently I hosted the 11th Annual Regency Pumpkin Tea, and (bonus) Candlelight Soiree the evening prior. The candlelight evening is a chance for us to have a preview evening (I first did the double event last year for the 10th Annual celebration) and to include men in our Regency party, as well as dress up in evening wear instead of daytime wear: it's always such a delight!

And now some pictures!
TheLady Detalle at my 11th Annual Regency Pumpkin Tea (photo courtesy InTheLongRunDesigns)
So happy with my new bonnet, my commissioned "B" bee reticule and my bee muff!
11th Annual Regency Pumpkin Tea GROUP shot (InTheLongRunDesigns)
It was a lovely group of ladies!
Have you ever seen those Regency fashion plates that look like the ladies
are picking a wedgie? YEAH, that's what this is, group Wedgie shot! 
Group Regency wedgie shot!
Kat and I pose outside with our muffs!
Kat made a new striped pelisse for the occasion, isn't it stunning?!
During the candlelight soiree, we smile for the camera!
A lovely evening of food, laughter and fun!
The hb and I pose for a quick couple of photos!
Yay, my hb is a good sport and especially enjoys the tea food! ;)
Here you can see one side of my new Regency
striped silk stovepipe bonnet!
Here I am talking about the huge table of food!
Ashley and I at the tea! 

Afternoon tea went by so quickly, with food, laughter, chatting and more. Then we retired outside for a group picture and some picture taking, before coming back in to do the fabric de-stash exchange, before more tea food, drinks and laughter.

What I wore:
I re-wore one of my favorites, a mustard yellow striped cotton finished with black cotton triangle (Van Dyke) trim! I commissioned a custom Regency stovepipe bonnet this year from 1800'sMillineryShop on Etsy, sending them a mustard and dark taupe striped silk (I have more fabric to make something up in future). I adore how the bonnet turned out, I'm very happy with their creations! Accessorized with a mustard and black silk vintage dupatta and real pearl earrings from LadyDetalle on Etsy. For the candlelight soiree, I re-wore my white embroidered cotton crossover gown with a vintage dupatta and a silver pearl reproduction tiara.

Had an amazing time with the lovely ladies (and gentlemen) who came out for the Friday candlelight soiree and the Saturday tea: thanks so much for joining in the fun!

All of my photos are here!

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