Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Costume College - What I wore

Costume College always goes by in such a blur! I'm long overdue in posting but I wanted to say I really enjoyed my trip to CA this past summer, and the time spent with friends and meeting new friends! There's usually a few bumps along the road, in an otherwise fabulous trip.

Thursday was a trip to the L.A. Fashion District with a car-ful of costumer friends, to scout out some great deals. I went home with a er *cough*ridiculous*cough* amount of silk yardage to add to my stash. I'm making lots of dresses this year and next! If I wasn't before, I am now, LOL! Lots of great deals and fun was had, and I really enjoyed fabric shopping with friends and running into other friends in the fabric district!

All of my costumes at Costume College were re-wears: none had I worn to Costume College before, but they had all been worn before, made for various events. I love re-wearing and re-accessorizing outfits, you get different and better pictures often in new settings!

Friday I wore my "Strawberry Picking" Regency (JoAnn's quilted cotton print) with my Regency stays and shift, white apron and mustard and black silk fichu. Paired with my beloved American Duchess Hartfield boots, these boots are super comfy! Hair by me (my hair with half wig of brown curls pinned on the back) and jewelry is Dames a la Mode pearl earrings with a vintage blue stone necklace.

Fun with photos
Back view of my Regency 'Strawberry
Picking' dress

I taught on Friday, so I changed before class, so only wore this outfit for a little while, but it was enjoyable just the same - I really love Regency!

Friday evening I wore my white and black silk 1780's jacket, paired with my black silk ruffled petticoat, black sash with large rhinestone buckle, tiara from LadyDetalle, earrings and necklace by InTheLongRunDesigns. We had a non-rushed dinner at Corner Bakery before dressing for the Social, so we arrived quite late.
Late 1780's white & black silk jacket
w/ black silk ruffled petticoat (photo by Gloria)
View from the side back (photo by Gloria)

Saturday day I wore my late 1790's white sequin striped silk/cotton gown, with my Regency cream silk and white marabou pelerine, paired with a "B" and "bee" mustard and black silk reticule made by my friend Vanessa, a black shawl wrapped as a turban, mustard yellow feathers, pearl earrings by Dames a la Mode and my American Duchess 'Hartfields."
Back view with flowy train! (Photo by Gloria)
Late 1790's gown

Saturday evening for the Gala, I wore my Regency orange silk sari gown, paired with pearl earrings from Dames a la Mode, garnet tiara by Bohemian Belle, my hair with added bouncy brown curls in the back, my painted orange American Duchess 'Pemberlies', and a vintage mustard dupatta.
Orange silk sari gown w/ vintage dupatta
(photo by Gloria)
I combined three rows of gold metallic
edging to create the trim down the center front!
(photo by Gloria)

One of the best 'full length' shots of my gown
View from the back of my orange silk sari gown

Sunday I wore a modern sundress and white pullover and paired it with my mini tricorn with a huge, crazy amount of paper flowers on it, for 'wear crazy **** on your head" day at CoCo.
Crazy hat day! (Photo by Gloria)
Another fun Costume College experience!
-TheLady Detalle

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