Sunday, November 12, 2017

11th Regency Pumpkin Tea Preview

Here's a quick preview of my 11th Annual Regency Pumpkin Tea outfit:

11th Regency Pumpkin Tea - my new Regency
stovepipe bonnet (Photo by Kat)
My outfit: I re-wore one of my favorites Regency gowns, a mustard yellow striped cotton Regency crossover gown finished with black cotton Van Dyke triangle trim that I finished a few years ago! But hands down my favorite part of my outfit it my NEW BONNET!!!

I commissioned a custom Regency stovepipe bonnet this year from 1800'sMillineryShop on Etsy, sending them a mustard and dark taupe striped silk (I have more fabric to make something up in future). I adore how the bonnet turned out, I'm very happy with their creations! Paired with a mustard yellow and black silk vintage dupatta, pearl bracelet and earrings by LadyDetalle on Etsy. Unfortunately no time to make a new dress this year, since I had two full outfits to make in the 5-6 weeks prior!

I'll post more photos and about the tea soon!

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